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Ruby Gordon

A London-based graphic designer with a wealth of experience
in editorial and marketing communications


PPT for Nutopia

PowerPoint presentation design

Cover from a pitch PPT for a TV series. The client, Nutopia, wanted a presentation that was very visual and highlighted some of the key features of the documentary
such as the use of new
specialist cameras.

iHeart Studio

PowerPoint template design

I created templates for style guides that were consistent with the iHeart Studio brand. Previously these style guides were produced in Google docs with no
definitive style.

This led to unsatisfactory and inconsistent documents which did not reflect the high end nature of the clients or the products.


Marine Stewardship

Digital design

As part of a job interview process, I was asked to create a Facebook asset and a poster design to promote the Marine Stewardship Council’s “Keep it Wild” campaign.  The assets were to be created using the MSC resources library and comply with their
brand guidelines.

How to make ice cream

Animation using After Effects

I created this explanimation video as part of an Adobe course using After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.

I did the course in order to improve my Illustrator skills and learn After Effects in a more structured way.

DVD collection fan mockup.jpg
Simply Media

DVD cover artwork

Initial cover designs for a series of DVDs that were repackaged and distributed by Simply Media. Working from a limited selection of mostly black an white images and some colour production stills, I used Photoshop to create montages
which reflected the style of the individual titles.

Simply Media  catalogue

Carrier envelope cover

The image right, was created for the carrier envelope of the catalogue in Photoshop and InDesign using supplied stills .

Week 2 assignment-V3-01.png
Infographic poster


I produced this infographic as part of an Adobe course on infographic design. An assignment task was to create icons using Illustrator.

Bid document

Design and layout

Produced for Hobs Repro.

Spreads from a square format bid document for provision of legal services to an industrial corporation.
Working from a Word document I laid this out in Adobe InDesign  following the style of a previous bid document using images supplied.

I created the map on the bottom spread in Adobe Illustrator using a copyright free world map and adapting it to suit the brochure.

AC Brochure mockup.jpg
Africa Confidential conference marketing

Marketing collateral

The client, Africa Confidential, wanted a suite of materials including an A4 brochure, html emails and a pull-up banner promoting a conference on Nigeria after the 2015 elections.


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