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Africa Confidential

Marketing collateral

I had to devise a look and feel which would be used for all material relating to the conference, incorporating necessary logos and produce artwork for the material or html files for the emails. The colours and fonts for the literature were chosen to be in keeping with the style of Africa Confidential who produce a fortnightly newsletter and provide an online Information service covering economic and political issues in Africa.

I created a header to be used on the agenda brochure and html emails using images supplied by the client. I opted for a simple single-column design for the html emails because they had to be text heavy with the header being the only image content for the most part. I also made the design responsive as many people would be reading the emails on smart phones.


Other elements included an animated gif promoting the conference on the Africa Confidential web site and a Work book for delegates which served as a notebook and a reminder of the day.

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